I thoroughly enjoy sharing the things that I have learned, and the journey that I am on with others. I enjoy speaking on several topics such as blogging, canning and preserving, gardening, homesteading, homemaking, balancing life as a full time everything  and living the life you’ve always wanted and living as intentionally as possibly.


I would love to guest post on your blog or site if the theme fits, and if you’d like to guest post here with an idea I’d love to hear it.


I love working with small businesses and brands. I have worked with many in the past in several capacities such as Duracell, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Ghiradelli, Bush Family, and Red Gold. If you would like to advertise on my blog, or would like to discuss as promotional post for your product I would love to talk to you and see what works for us both!


Please contact me directly at with the following details:

  1. Your name
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  3. Reason for your contact (Event Speaking, Guest Posting, Advertisint/Promotional Posts, etc)

I look forward to hearing from you!