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Who the heck are you? 

Welcome! I’m Rachel. I am a wife, mother to two, full time middle school teacher, gardener, cook, beekeeper, part time prepper, food preserver, knitter, mother of all trades and master of none living in northeastern Oklahoma.

By day I live the “regular” life, teaching my students, running my kids to all of their activities, cooking, cleaning, doing all the working mom things. But I have a secret, about 5 years ago after living a life full of consumerism, I began to feel the need to lead a more natural life for myself and for my family. I began my road to homesteading.

Currently our family lives “in town”, but we are fortunate to have a family farm not far away. I am blessed to have a large garden which I cook and preserve from, several bee hives, and plentiful wildlife in which my husband and children hunt                                                       for meat.

I am passionate and fervent in my belief to live off of the land, the most natural and holistic way possible.  Homesteading doesn’t mean living in Alaska in the Bush and off the grid totally. Homesteading can be in an urban area, suburban neighborhood, or out in the country on 1 to 1 million acres. The secret of homesteading is to live a life in which you know where everything comes from and take pride in the work that it takes to provide for yourself and your family in that way.

To watch a video of me telling my homesteading story, click below.

Why a website?

I decided last year that it was time to share my journey of homesteading, as well as recipes, tutorials, and just daily life with the world.  I kept my way of life pretty much a secret for a few years because I am not the norm. But as I have begun sharing my story more and more people are very interested in living the homestead life. My promise to you is to share what I know, what I don’t know, and what I learn along the way in this amazing journey. This particular website will allow me not only to blog, but also have a recipe index, tutorial videos, and eventually an online store for our homesteading goodies (honey, cutting boards, herb infused oils, and dried herbs).

How do I get started?

  • Visit my Facebook Page– I will share daily updates, recipes, and tidbits. It’s a great place for you to ask me questions and get an immediate response.
  • Follow me on Instagram – Come take a visual field trip into my daily life and my kitchen.
  • Check out my Pins – Not only will you find pins, recipes, and posts from this site, but also from countless others that I learn from as well.